Sauvignon Blanc

Literary reminiscences of spice bazaars swept with warm breezes birthed by far-off sea-gazing cliffs. A wild urge for an imagined world, a place waiting to be explored by the curious mind of a Marco Polo redux.

The Riesling was produced by pressing whole grapes and fermenting them in stainless steel vats. The grapes of the Sauvignon were macerated for twelve hours prior to pressing, then a part of the must was placed into barrels for fermentation. All of the wines were stored for eight months on the yeast before beginning the assemblage in March. The wine has been in the bottle since April.

Höfl unterm Stein in Söll near Tramin (Sella / Termeno), at an elevation of 480 to 550 meters above sea-level; southeast slope. The soil is a rich, loamy calcareous gravelly substrate on which the grapes are grown on over 15-to-25-year-old wire frames. The yield is extremely low (50 hectolitres per hectare), but quite unique.